This is my resolve & my dream! I want our youth to see sports like other professions : PM Narendra Modi

PM Modi lays foundation stone of Major Dhyan Chand Sports University in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh ; to inculcate sporting culture & establish world-class sporting infrastructure in the country :

Meerut has shown to the world, whether it is by giving life for the country or earning honour for the country through sports, it is always there to inspire & lead the nation.

Meerut has also been the birthplace of another great child of the country, Major Dhyan Chand Ji. A few months back, the central govt had named the country’s biggest sports award after Dadda.

Every year thousands of our sons and daughters will become successful in the field of sports, from Meerut.

Earlier, our daughters in Meerut used to be afraid to go out after dark, today, they are the ones leaving a mark & making the country proud.

The path taken by the youth of India is the path of our nation.

Youth is also the cornerstone of New India, it is also the expansion. Youth is the ruler of New India, it is also the leader. Our youth today, have the heritage of antiquity, they also have a sense of modernity.

Where the youth will run, India will run. And the world is going to run where India will run.

The city of revolutionaries will now identify and strengthen itself as a city of sports heroes.

Every sportsperson need these four: 1. Infrastructure 2. Training 3. International exposure 4. Transparency in selection

We witnessed history at the Tokyo Olympics! The whole nation roared together “Khel Ke Maidan Mein Bharat Ka Uday Ho Gaya Hai”

For sports to prosper in the country, it is necessary that our youth are encouraged to make sports their profession. This is my resolve & my dream! I want our youth to see sports like other professions.

With #NEP2020, sports is no longer ‘extra-curricular activity’ but has been made one of the subjects to encourage our youth to peruse sports like other professions

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