This is appalling and absolutely unacceptable… : KTR

KTR – Minister, Telangana Govt.:

This is appalling and absolutely unacceptable IKEA India

Please ensure a proper apology is issued & more importantly educate, sensitise & train your staff to respect all your customers graciously

Hope you will make amends asap

Racist treatment at IKEA India store in Hyderabad.

Only my wife, from Manipur got frisked for goods she bought.

No one else before us.

And then all supervisory staff came to defend the racism.

Great show from an ‘international store’.

Cheers to another usual day.

The person who checked my wife’s shopping bags, even sniggered that we had bought everything, didn’t even care to reply why we were singled out.

And the supervisors said, yeah call police if you want, we will deal. And it didnt end there.

Daily racism that our people face.

Nitin Sethi – Member, The Reporters’ Collective

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