Where environment clearance used to take more than 600 days 8 years ago, it takes 75 days today: PM Narendra Modi

Prime Minister’s Office:

PM inaugurates the National Conference of Environment Ministers of all States in Ekta Nagar, Gujarat

“India is a rapidly developing economy, and it is continuously strengthening its ecology as well”

“Our forest cover has increased and wetlands are also expanding rapidly”

“I urge all environment ministers to promote a circular economy as much as possible in the states”

“I think that the role of the Environment Ministry is more as a promoter of the environment rather than as a regulator”

“Forest fire fighting mechanism in every state should be technology driven and robust”

“There should be healthy competition as well as collaboration among the states to promote environment measures”

“To hinder development in India, groups of urban naxals have been showing their strength by taking crores of rupees from different global organizations and foundations”

“When the vision of the environment ministries changes, I am sure, nature will also be benefitted”

“The universities and laboratories of our states should give top priority to innovations related to environmental protection, following the mantra of Jai Anusandhan”

“The faster the environment clearance is available, the faster the development will also take place”

“Where environment clearance used to take more than 600 days 8 years ago, it takes 75 days today”

“The PM Gati Shakti National Master Plan is also a great tool for protecting the environment”

“Both the central and the state government together have to move towards a green industrial economy”

Pic Credit : BJP

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