Congress Party has decided to launch a nationwide Outreach Campaign: KC Venugopal

KC Venugopal – General Secretary, Congress:

Statement issued by Shri KC Venugopal, General Secretary, Organisation, AICC

Pursuant to extensive humanitarian and service driven efforts of Crores of Congressmen and women driven by the the National Covid Task Force and the State PCCs/ Covid Relief Committees, the Congress Party has decided to launch a nationwide Outreach Campaign.

Through this effort , the party seeks to reach out to front line health workers as also those severely affected by the pandemic with a helping hand.

A subsidiary aim is also to gather primary data of covid affected families, patients and deceased.

The Pradesh Congress Committees in states will be setting up a control room at their respective PCC offices. PCCs and District Congress Committees & City Congress Committees (CCCs) will be appointing minimum one point person as a coordinator per Block or Corporation or Ward relevant administrative area) to monitor activities in his/her block for the duration of the campaign.

Block/Town area Presidents will be further identifying 10 workers ( those who were active in helping people during Pandemic) per block and 10 workers per town area and designate them as “Covid Warriors”, to collect data from ground and relay the information thus collected through BCCs, /DCCs / PCCs to the AICC Control Room/ Data Department , thus covering 7199 Blocks and 7935 Towns in 736 Districts of the country.

An information campaign on Covid through leaflets and SMS services will also be run to coat awareness amongst people in general as also for covid affected families for a period of 30 days.

In coordination with the AICC social media team, MP/ MLA/ MLC/ ex- MP/ex-MLA/ex-MLC/ will be holding virtual meetings Lok Sabha/ Vidhan Sabha wise to educate, motivate and explain the task to these identified “Covid Warriors”.

Each designated “Covid Warrior” is expected to visit minimum of 10 to 15 households per day during the period of 30 days, expectedly covering total of not less than 200 households in 30 days.

Carrying a questionnaire with questions like –
Was anyone from your family infected by covid-19;
Has any family member died due to covid-19; their name and age;
Was he/she the bread winner of the family;
Has anyone in your family lost his/her job due to Covid- 19 lockdown;
Any support that they may be needing (ration, job, education, financial support) etc.

The teams visiting the families in consultation with PCC will facilitate delivery of Govt. approved Medicine kits; will deliver Mask/ sanitiser; will help in delivery of Ration/food for extremely vulnerable families and also help arrange Vaccination registration assistance and will coordinate with ambulance service as provided by INC in affected areas.

Congress President, Smt Sonia Gandhi and respective PCC Presidents will also be writing condolence letter to the next of kin of the those who passed away due to the pandemic.

This outreach program aims to cover approx. 3 crore households in 30 days thereby indirectly touching approximately 12 crore people (at an average of 4 members per family).

Total expected feet on ground would be 1,51,340 at the peak of campaign.

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