There are no provisions in the Electricity (Amendment) Bill which will affect the subsidies being granted to any category: RK Singh

RK Singh – Union Minister:

The Bill is not contentious at all.

There are no provisions in the Bill which will affect the subsidies being granted to any category.

There is no provision in the Bill which affect farmers.

It appears you have not read the Bill.

We consulted all the states – in writing and also in meetings with them.

In order to further the consultation process, before I introduce the Bill I had written to the Speaker giving notice of my intention to move that the Bill be sent to the Standing Committee for examination during the process.

So it was our instance that the Bill was sent to the Standing Committee.

Jairam Ramesh – MP, Gen. Sec., Congress

Opposition protested the very introduction of the highly contentious Electricity (Amendment) Bill, 2022 that has been objected to by many states and farmers.

At least the Bill has found its way to the Standing Committee concerned.

Hopefully it will follow a consultative process.

Govt. offers use of Indigenous 5G Test Bed free of cost to Indian Govt. recognized start-ups and MSMEs for the next six months

Ministry of Communications:

With an objective to boost 5G ecosystem within India and to achieve the objectives of Aatmanirbhar Bharat and Make in India initiatives, Government of India has decided to offer the use of Indigenous 5G Test Bed free of cost to the Indian Government recognized start-ups and MSMEs for the next six months upto Jan, 2023.

It is available at a very nominal rate to all other stakeholders. Department of Telecommunications, Government of India has strongly urged all 5G stakeholders i.e. Industry, Academia, Service Providers, R&D Institutions, Govt. Bodies, Equipment Manufacturers etc. to utilise the 5G testbed facilities and expertise to test and facilitate the speedy development & deployment of their products in the network. Those interested, may apply through web  portal for accessing and using the 5G Test Bed.

Keeping in view India’s specific requirements and to take lead in 5G deployment, Department of Telecommunications (DoT) approved financial grant for the multi-institute collaborative project to set up ‘Indigenous 5G Test Bed’ in India in March, 2018 with total cost of Rs.224 Crore.  

The eight collaborating institutes in the project are IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Madras, IIT Delhi, IIT Hyderabad, IIT Bombay, IIT Kanpur, IISc Bangalore, Society for Applied Microwave Electronics Engineering & Research (SAMEER) and Centre of Excellence in Wireless Technology (CEWiT). 

The Indigenous 5G Test Bed was dedicated to the nation by the Prime Minster Shri. Narendra Modi on May 17th 2022. A web based portal ( has also been designed for access and usage of the Test Bed.

The 5G Test Bed is available at five locations viz., Integrated Test Bed at CEWiT /IIT Madras and other Test Beds are at IIT Delhi, IIT Hyderabad, IIT Kanpur and IISc Bangalore. CEWiT /IIT Madras offers end to end Test Bed with various testing services for RAN Level, PHY Level etc. and other Test equipment.

IIT Hyderabad has facilities for gNB Testing, UE Testing, end to end interoperability testing and NB-IoT testing, while IISC Bangalore hosts the V2X and 5G open-source testbed, IIT Kanpur hosts the base-band Test Bed and IIT Delhi hosts the NB-IoT and VLC Test Bed. Z

The end-to-end test bed is compliant with the global 3GPP standard and the ORAN standard.  Indigenous 5G Test Bed provides an open 5G test bed that enables R&D teams of Indian academia and industry to validate their products, prototypes, algorithms and demonstrate various services.

Further, it provides complete access for research teams to work on novel concepts/ideas holding potential for standardization in India and on global scale. It provides the facilities of 5G networks for experimenting and demonstrating applications/use cases of importance to Indian society like rural broadband, smart city applications and intelligent transport system (ITS) and shall help to Indian operators to understand the working of 5G technologies and plan their future networks.

“Jan Samarth” Portal eases loan application and disbursement process for applicants

Ministry of Finance:

The Government has launched “Jan Samarth” Portal on 06.06.2022 to provide a common platform for availing loan under certain credit-linked Government schemes.

This was stated by Union Minister of State for Finance Dr Bhagwat Kisanrao Karad in a written reply to a question in Lok Sabha today.

The salient features of the “Jan Samarth” Portal are as under:

It connects all stakeholders like beneficiaries, financial institutions, Central/State Government Agencies, and Nodal Agencies on a common platform.

Applicants can initially access 13 credit-linked Government Schemes catering to youth, students, entrepreneurs and farmers viz. Education Loans, Agriculture Loans, Business Activity Loans, and Livelihood Loans.

The Minister further stated that use of the “Jan Samarth” Portal by applicants eases the loan application and disbursement process.

Any applicant/ beneficiary can register, check eligibility under various Government Schemes and apply for loan through Jan Samarth Portal round the clock.

Arrange for the best education free for every child in the country… : Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal – CM, Delhi:

I appeal to the government.

Arrange for the best education free for every child in the country

Arrange for free treatment for every person

300 units of free electricity to every family

Every unemployed person should get unemployment allowance

MP Govt. should annul the ‘oath’ taken by the non-elected persons & ensure that the women elected representatives take the oath: P Chidambaram

P Chidambaram – Former Union Finance Minister:

It is both a tragedy and a comedy to witness husbands of elected women representatives take oath as ‘members’ of Panchayats in Madhya Pradesh!

Unbelievable that in the 75th year of Independence, there can be such a mockery of the Constitution and the Laws

What did the MP Government mean when it said that it will issue an ‘advisory’ to prevent such incidents?

MP government should annul the ‘oath’ taken by the non-elected persons & ensure that the women elected representatives take the oath and function as members of the Panchayats

After 5 years of cooperation and operation, the time has come for separation… : Jairam Ramesh

After 5 years of cooperation and operation, the time has come for separation.

My farewell address to the outgoing Vice President and Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu – garu

Jairam Ramesh – MP, general Secretary, Congress

There is both depth and substance in what Venkaiah Naidu Ji says : PM Narendra Modi

PM Modi’s remarks during farewell ceremony of Vice President Venkaiah Naidu in Rajya Sabha :

When we mark 15th August this year, it be an Independence Day when the President, VP, Speaker and PM would have been born after Independence. And that too, each of them belongs to very simple backgrounds.

As our Vice President, you devoted a lot of time to youth welfare. A lot of your programmes were focused on Yuva Shakti.

I have worked with M Venkaiah Naidu Ji closely over the years. I have also seen him take up different responsibilities and he performed each of them with great dedication.

The one liners of M Venkaiah Naidu Ji are famous. They are wit liners. His command over the languages has always been great.

There is both depth and substance in what M Venkaiah Naidu Ji says.

One of the admirable things about Venkaiah Naidu Ji is his passion towards Indian languages. This was reflected in how he presided over the House. He contributed to increased productivity of the Rajya Sabha.

Sri Sri at Sunrise

Events give rise to both emotions & lessons. Often we hold onto emotions & don’t learn. Wisdom is to drop emotions & move on with lessons :
Sri Sri

Pic Credit : Sri Sri