I’m very excited to launch certified organic Kiwi fruit fresh from farms of Arunachal Pradesh at New Delhi: Kiren Rijiju

Kiren Rijiju – Union Minister:

I’m very excited to launch certified organic Kiwi fruit fresh from farms of Arunachal Pradesh at New Delhi.

Kiwi of Arunachal Pradesh are of the finest qualities in the world.

High quality fresh kiwi of Arunachal Pradesh is available for supply to MNC, retailers & individuals.

Once you have tasted fresh Kiwi of Arunachal Pradesh, you will forever keep demanding it.

The organic Kiwi of Arunachal Pradesh will also create huge commercial opportunities for the progressive farmers.

Domestic flight operations start from Kushinagar airport

Ministry of Civil Aviation:

Domestic flight operations at the newly inaugurated Kushinagar airport, Uttar Pradesh commenced on 26.11.2021 with the first flight operating between Delhi and Kushinagar under the RCS-UDAN.

The commencement of the flight operations on this route is in line with the commitment and perseverance of MoCA and AAI to enable the country with better air connectivity under the UDAN scheme.

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi had inaugurated the Kushinagar International Airport on 20th October 2021.

Kushinagar is an international Buddhist pilgrimage centre. Here Lord Gautam Buddha attained Mahaparinirvana. This region is also the centre point of the Buddhist circuit, which consists of pilgrimage sites at Lumbini, Sarnathand Gaya. The operationalization of the Kushinagar airport will connect this region directly with national and global visitors and pilgrims.

The Airports Authority of India has developed the Kushinagar Airport with new terminal building spread across 3600 sqm at an estimated cost of Rs 260 crore in association with Govt. of Uttar Pradesh. The new terminal is equipped to handle 300 passengers during peak hours.

SpiceJet was awarded the Kushinagar – Delhi route under the RCS-UDAN 4.0. The flight operations on this route will act as a multiplier effect on the hospitality, tourism, and local economy.

Till date, 395 routes and 63 airports including 6 heliports and 2 Water Aerodromes have been operationalized under the UDAN scheme.

The Constitution wants us to secure justice for all citizens of India. How far have we succeeded when compared to this ideal? : President Kovind at the valedictory function of the Constitution Day Celebrations

Rashtrapati Bhavan:

“Constitution Day is a great festival of our democracy. It is a day to reiterate our debt to the known and unknown men and women who made it possible for us to lead our lives in a free republic. It is also a day to reiterate our commitment to keep walking on the path they forged for us”, said the President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind.

He was delivering the valedictory address at the Constitution Day Celebrations, being organised by the Supreme Court of India to commemorate the adoption of the Constitution of India in New Delhi today (November 27, 2021).

The President said that the Constitution is the roadmap of our collective journey. At the core of it are Justice, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. The Preamble expands the notion of justice to include its social, economic and political aspects. That is what the Constitution wants us to secure for all citizens of India.

Justice is the critical fulcrum around which democracy revolves. It gets further strengthened if the three institutions of the state – the judiciary, the legislature and the executive – are in a harmonious existence. In the Constitution each institution has its defined space within which it functions.

The President said that in Indian tradition, judges are imagined as a model of rectitude and detachment more akin to ‘sthitpragya’. We have a rich history of legions of such judges known for their utterances full of sagacity and conduct beyond reproach, which have become hallmarks for the future generations.

He was happy to note that the Indian judiciary has been adhering to those highest standards. He said that there is no doubt that the judiciary has set for itself a high bar. Hence, it is also incumbent upon the judges to exercise utmost discretion in their utterances in the courtrooms. Indiscreet remarks, even if made with good intention, give space for dubious interpretations to run down the judiciary.

The President said that we are legatees of an illustrious history in which legal luminaries not only shaped the national movement but also created a prototype of a selfless public figure. Right from the beginning, the judiciary consistently conformed to those highest standards of conduct while discharging its responsibility.

In people’s view, it is the most trusted institution. He said that it pains him no end, therefore, to note that of late there have been cases of some disparaging remarks against the judiciary made on social media platforms.

These platforms have worked wonderfully to democratise information, yet they have a dark side too. The anonymity granted by them is exploited by some miscreants. He expressed hope that this is an aberration and it will be short-lived. He said that he wondered what could be behind this phenomenon. He asked if we can collectively examine the reasons behind it for the sake of a healthy society.

Speaking about the cost of justice, the President said that in a developing country like ours, a very small section of the citizens can afford to knock on the doors of the court of justice. From lower courts to the Supreme Court, it becomes increasingly difficult for an average citizen to seek redressal of grievances. He said that there are individuals and also institutions that offer pro bono services.

The Supreme Court too has taken praiseworthy steps in this direction. He wished to see increased access to legal aid and advisory services for all. He said that it can take the form of a movement or the form of a better institutionalised mechanism.

Pointing to the long pendency of cases, the President said that all stakeholders appreciate the enormity of this challenge and its implications. He said that he knew much has been written about it, and pertinent suggestions have been made to address the issue.

Yet, the debate continues and the pendency keeps increasing too. Ultimately, the citizens and organisations that have grievances bear the brunt.

The issue of pendency has ramifications for economic growth and development too. It is high time all stakeholders find a way out by keeping national interest above all. Technology can be a great ally in this process. He noted that the Supreme Court has taken numerous initiatives in this regard.

The pandemic has hastened the adoption of information and communication technology in the domain of the judiciary. He expressed confidence that young minds in this field would further propel the use of computers and the internet to serve the cause of justice and to serve the citizens.

A long pending demand of the people of Sonbhadra fulfilled: Hardeep Puri

Very happy to flag off New Delhi-Ranchi Rajdhani Express which will now journey via Chunar-Chopan to cater to the people of Sonbhadra.

A long pending demand of the people of Sonbhadra fulfilled by Railway Minister Sh Ashwini Vaishnaw Ji.

Hardeeep Puri – union minister

I give my word of honor that I’ll leave Politics if Sukhbir Singh Badal can prove that I ever had any close door meeting with new DGP Punjab: Navjot Singh Sidhu

Navjot Singh Sidhu – President, Punjab Congress:

I give my word of honor that I’ll leave Politics if Sukhbir Singh Badal can prove that I ever had any close door meeting with new DGP Punjab, who illegally detained innocent Sikh boys in 2015, gave clean chits to Badals & is blue eyed boy of Ex DGP Saini, since new govt was formed.

Sukhbir Singh Badal it is the ED who is raiding you and investigating your shared accounts with Surinder Pehalwan and you are dancing on the tunes of Central Govt. as you have always been their puppet.

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PM briefed about the new Variant of Concern ‘Omicron’ along with its characteristics, impact in various countries & implications for India: PMO

Detained by police along with core committee members: SS Badal – President, Akali Dal

For an Akali, it’s always an honour to fight repression which govts resort to to divert attention from people’s issues.

Detained by police along with core committee members while exposing Charanjit Channi conspiracy to cover his failures by attempts to book Akalis in false cases.

Sukhbir Singh Badal – President, Akali Dal

New variant is a serious threat: Rahul Gandhi

New variant is a serious threat.

High time GOI gets serious about providing vaccine security to our countrymen.

Bad vaccination figures can’t be hidden for long behind one man’s photo.

rahul gandhi – former congress president

Sri Sri at Sunrise

Faith is realising that you will always get what you need :
Sri Sri

Pic Credit : Sri Sri