PM Narendra Modi met Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sánchez

PM Narendra Modi met Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sánchez.

Invited Spain to invest in various sectors in India including green hydrogen, infrastructure and defence manufacturing.

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Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi pays his tribute to former PM Smt. Indira Gandhi at Shakti Stal

Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi pays his tribute to former PM Smt. Indira Gandhi at Shakti Stal on the 37th anniversary of her martyrdom.

Congress – INC India

Today, India pays homage to Sardar Patel, whose life was devoted to furthering national progress, unity and integration: PM Narendra Modi

Today, India pays homage to Sardar Patel, whose life was devoted to furthering national progress, unity and integration.

PM Narendra Modi

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We are not just fighting an election here, we are also fighting to define what Goa is going to become, how Goa is going to treat itself and how Goa is going to treat the rest of the world: Rahul Gandhi

Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi at the Congress Workers’ Convention – Jagor – at Taleigao, Goa. via INC India:

You will recall, some years back the PM came on the TV and did what is now called Demonetisation or Notebandi, cancelled the Rs.1000 note, then the govt passed a flawed GST, a GST designed to help few of their friends.

Now you see farmers all across the country agitated because the BJP, Narendra Modi has passed three new farm laws, which are designed to crush the farmers of this country.

There is a systematic plan in operation to attack the unorganised sector, to attack small and medium businesses, to attack small traders, to attack labourers and to attack farmers.

The govt of India is handing this country over to a few limited business people.

It doesn’t matter which sector, you will find the same 5 or 6 people benefitting, look at ports, look at airports, look at coal, look at agriculture, look at retail, look at telecom.

What people have to realise is that 5 or 6 people are benefiting and millions and millions of people lives are being destroyed, systematically destroyed.

GST is designed to harm small and medium business, farm laws are designed to destroy the lives of small traders and farmers. That is what is unfolding in this country.

I said in the beginning that the media is a friend of the govt in Delhi, it is a fact, the media portrays a distorted reality of this country. The media does not raise the issues of farmers, small and medium business people

At the same time the Chinese enter our country, take thousands of square kilometers of our land, land almost the size of Delhi has been occupied by them.

They are sitting inside Indians territory today and the PM says, nobody has taken any land, so that’s the reality you are fighting at the national level.

Brother is pitted against brother, the nation is divided, hatred is spread and those same 5 or 6 people benefit.

For BJP- it doesn’t matter what happens to the country, doesn’t matter if hate is spread throughout the country but those 5 or 6 people have to benefit, this is reality of India today.

Today when I came to Goa, I realised that exactly the same battle that is taking place at national level is taking place in Goa.

The media in Goa is more balanced than the national media, so that is heartening, that makes me happy that you are doing the job that you are supposed to do.

We don’t expect unfairness from you, we expect fairness from you and if you are being fair we are proud of you because you are doing your duty, your job.

I would like to thank the journalists who are being neutral and who are being fair; that is not the case unfortunately at the national level.

In the end, this is not just a political fight but this is also an ideological fight- the culture of Goa, the way of life of Goa is also the culture of India and way of life of India.

We are not just fighting an election here, we are also fighting to define what Goa is going to become, how Goa is going to treat itself and how Goa is going to treat the rest of the world.

I want Goa to show rest of India that Goa can stand together, maintain and protect it’s wonderful culture, maintain and protect its beautiful environment and still move forward with vigor and dynamism.

This battle is not just a political battle, this battle is the battle of ideas and it is the battle of the imagination of Goa.

How are you imagining your future? Are you seeing a future which is full of hatred, seeing a future where your daughters cannot step out at night, are you seeing a future where you cannot speak to each other with love?

Or are you imagining a future which is peaceful, a future which is progressive where everybody benefits, where there is love and affection everywhere and Goa transmits its most powerful culture, its most powerful ideas.

This is a battle between two ideologies, we represent one ideology and the BJP represents another ideology.

We are the political party that represent a united Goa, a prosperous Goa, we are the political party that represent that Goans can love each other, embrace each other.

BJP is a political party that represents the idea that Goa has to be divided, the idea that Goans have to disrespect each other, the idea that Goans can not share a future together.

I am proud to be speaking to you people, the soldiers and the generals who have been fighting this fight and I am proud to say that you are going to win this fight.

Once again I’d like to thank all of you, not just for today but for what you carry in your heart, for the way you treat each other, for the affection that you have, for the optimism that you have, for the hope that you have.

I am certain that the majority of the people in Goa carry this hope, this optimism this love for each other in their heart.

As my Goa visit comes to an end, I wholeheartedly thank every single Goan for the love that they have showered me with!: Mamata Banerjee

As my Goa visit comes to an end, I wholeheartedly thank every single Goan for the love that they have showered me with!

I am in awe of their fearless spirit, their resolve to defeat all evil forces that have disrupted peace and prevented growth & development in the state!

It is my promise to each and every one of you that all your issues will be heard and addressed.

The Trinamool Congress family will stand beside you through thick and thin in this fight for Democracy in Goa. We will fight together for a New Dawn!

Mamata Banerjee – Chief Minister, West Bengal

Earlier in the day..

Today is my second day in Goa and this state already has my heart!

The energy is electrifying, the love – heartwarming!

Sharing a few special moments from the day… Thank you Goa!

Mamata Banerjee – CM, West benagl

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NHSRCL cast one of the heaviest Pre-Stressed Concrete Box Girder in the construction industry of India: Ashwini Vaishnaw

NHSRCL cast one of the heaviest PSC (Pre-Stressed Concrete) Box Girder in the construction industry of India.

Length: 40 M

Weight: 970 MT

Ashwini vaishnaw – union minister

Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh launches India’s First and Unique Manned Ocean Mission Samudrayan at Chennai

Ministry of Earth Science:

Union Minister of State (Independent Charge) Science & Technology Dr Jitendra Singh today launched India’s First Manned Ocean Mission Samudrayan at Chennai.

He said, with the launch of this Unique Ocean Mission, India joins the the elite club of nations such as USA, Russia, Japan, France and China to have such underwater vehicles for carrying out subsea activities. 

Dr Jitendra Singh said, this niche technology shall facilitate Ministry of Earth Sciences, MoES in carrying out deep ocean exploration of the non-living resources such as polymetallic manganese nodules, gas hydrates, hydro-thermal sulphides and cobalt crusts, located at a depth between 1000 and 5500 meters.

He said, the preliminary design of the manned submersible MATSYA 6000 is completed and realization of vehicle is started with various organization including ISRO, IITM and DRDO roped-in to support the development.

The Minister informed that sea trials of 500 metre rated shallow water version of the manned submersible are expected to take place in the last quarter of 2022 and the MATSYA 6000, the deep water manned submersible will be ready for trials by the second quarter of 2024.

He said, the advancing technologies in metallurgy, energy storage, underwater navigation and manufacturing facilities provides opportunity for developing more efficient, reliable and safe manned submersible. 

Dr Jitendra Singh said that the underwater vehicles are essential for carrying out subsea activities such as high resolution bathymetry, biodiversity assessment, geo-scientific observation, search activities, salvage operation and engineering support.

He said, even though unmanned underwater vehicles have improved manoeuvring and excellent vision systems resembling direct observation, manned submersible provides a feel of direct physical presence for researchers and has better intervention capability.

With the advancing subsea technologies, the recent Fendouzhe manned submersible developed by China in 2020 has touched ~11000m water depths, the Minister added.

MoES officials explained that based on the experience gained over two decades in the development of unmanned robotic vehicles and systems for 6000 m operational capability, MoES-NIOT is indigenously developing a manned submersible with a depth capability of 6000 meters under the aegis of Deep Ocean Mission. 

The manned submersible is designed to carry three persons in 2.1 meter diameter Titanium Alloy Personnel Sphere with an operational endurance of 12h and systems to support emergency endurance up to 96h. 

Some of the critical subsystems of the manned submersibles are development of Ti Alloy Personnel Sphere, Human support and safety system in enclosed space, low density buoyancy modules, Ballast and Trim System. Pressure compensated batteries and propulsion system, control and communication systems and Launching and Recovery System.

System design, concept of operation, subcomponents functionality and integrity, emergency rescue, failure mode analysis are reviewed and certified as per the rules of International Association of Classification and Certification Society for man-rated usage of manned submersible at a depth of 6000 meters.  

India’s AYUSH sector has seen tremendous growth in the last few years with a current market turnover of $ 18.1 billion: Sarbananda Sonowal

Buoyed by the growing global and domestic demand and enabled by a strong support to regulatory, research and development, and back-end infrastructure by the Ministry, the market size of AYUSH has grown by 17 percent in 2014-20 to reach US dollars 18.1 billion, Union Ayush Minister Shri Sarbananda Sonowal said on Friday. The Minister was speaking at the inauguration of ‘AYUR-UDYAMAH’ at New Delhi, where he released the RIS report titled ‘AYUSH Sector in India: Prospects and Challenges’. On the occasion, AIIA ICAINE – All India Institute of Ayurveda – Incubation Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship – the first of its’ kind incubation centre under the Ministry of Ayush to promote the Start-ups was also launched by Union Minister of Food and Processing Industries Shri Pashupati Paras Ji.

Ayush medicines have done exceedingly well in helping Covid19 patients recover faster across the world during the first and second wave of pandemic in the last one and a half years, Sonowal said.

Talking about the new incubation centre, Shri Sonowal referred to PM Narendra Modi’s Independence Day speech where he said that the Start-ups were the new types of wealth creators in the country. “He outlined the need of the government to relentlessly work towards making India’s Start-ups and the Start-up Ecosystem, the best in the world. This will contribute to the long term vision of AatmNirbhar Bharat,” Sonowal said.

The Minister said that the new ideas need a conducive environment to prosper and the centre will help young entrepreneurs to establish themselves before they scale up their ventures. “I hope the Start Up initiative will help Ayushentrepreneurs in translating innovations into products and services that are commercially viable. This Food Start up initiative under the leadership of Mr. Rajesh Kotecha, Secretary Ministry of Ayush, Prof Tanuja Manoj Nesari, Director AIIA and the whole team of AIIA will have close linkages of the Ayush ministry with other ministries of Govt of India such as Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Food Processing Industries and MSME and will be an ideal platform of knowledge exchange,” Shri Sonowal said.

Minister of State for Ayush, Munjpara Mahendrabhai, while inaugurating Blood Bank of AIIA, said that the Blood Bank will cater to the needs of patients from Delhi and adjacent states. “It is important that the donor feel safe while donating blood samples and with high end filtration mechanism in AIIA under skilled and trained doctors, we ensure that all patients are tested comprehensively before receiving and donating blood.”, he said.

Union Minister of Food and Processing Industries Pashupati Paras Ji launched AIIA ICAINE incubation center. Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Gas, Rameswar Teli and Minsiter of State for Ports, Shipping and Waterways, Shantanu also attended the function.

The Ayush Ministry is celebrating November 2 as the 6th Ayurveda Day and has planned a series of activities around it including mega events at National Institute of Ayurveda, Jaipur, on the day.

Will the Minister for Telecommunications admit that the buyer of Pegasus was the GoI? : P Chidambaram

P Chidambaram – Former Union Finance Minister:

After the SC’s wise and bold order in the Pegasus controversy, the first skeleton has tumbled out

Yesterday, Israel’s Ambassador publicly stated that Pegasus spyware was sold only to governments

So, in India’s case, the buyer was certainly the Government of India

Will the Minister for Telecommunications admit that the buyer of Pegasus was the GoI?

If he remains silent, the blot on his report card will remain

There is a huge burden on the farmers and the government is not doing anything: Priyanka Gandhi

In Bundelkhand, 4 farmers lost their lives due to reasons like black marketing, debt, crop failure, inflation, there is a huge burden on the farmers and the government is not doing anything..

priyanka gandhi – COngress general secretary

Congress – INC India:

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi reached Lalitpur earlier today to meet the family members of the farmer who died while standing in the line for fertilizer.

Farmers of entire Bundelkhand are facing shortage of fertilizers

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